Conversation Cautionary

You are having a direct conversation with one or two individuals — possibly very personal and private — usually in a group setting, however, there have been occasions of a Conversation Hijacker appearing from the woodwork.

That’s right; “The Conversation Hijacker” (TCH)

The conversation is going along smoothly, at this point ideas and stories are getting hit back and forth, like an evenly matched game of Table Tennis. Although, in this case, it’s more-so a friendly game of Volley, as neither of you are looking to completely dominate the conversation.

That cannot be said about The Conversation Hijacker though. His or hers only mission is to completely disrupt the flow of ideas and stories… to interfere and intercept the ping-pong ball. The Conversation Hijacker is ruthless in their attempts; looking for the perfect opportunity to strike… driven possibly out of insecurity from being left out of the convo, or perhaps, The Conversation Hijacker’s mind and mouth are sparked by a few key words, or a topic they carry a bit of knowledge in.

Whatever the motives; this conversation criminal knows no boundaries.

Your once enjoyable game of friendly ping-pong has been disrupted with an eager, loud, and attention hungry human…

Before you know it; the entire dynamic, energy, and flow of the conversation has been altered — never to return to its previous state.

You, my friend, have just encountered The Conversation Hijacker (TCH)

His or her hunger for the spotlight has been fed… whether out of complete lack of social awareness, an uprising of their ego, or a stream of insecurity; at this point it doesn’t even matter — the damage has been done.

The Conversation Hijacker is not to be confused with “The One Upper” (TOU) …although they have been known to operate as a team, it is also possible that TCH and The One Upper are two identities belonging to one individual… holding both traits… like a college grad with a double major… however, TCH and TOU combo — didn’t have to attend a four year grad school for his or her degree…. quite possibly they were born this way, and have been perfecting their craft since childhood.

The One Upper always has a story better than yours — no matter the topic. Rather than enjoying a nice game of back-and-forth friendly blabbering — The One Upper will spike anything sent their way… with deadly force of outlandish stories, exaggerations, and claims.

The One Upper has seen and done it all.. there is no topic off limits — nothing they will shy away from — as they attack with an overpowering tone… Hell, they have even rubbed elbows with celebrities and socialites…. Oh wait, we have just entered new territory, we have stumbled across “The Name Dropper.”

Also in the same family as The One Upper and d

In very extreme cases they are all one and the same… known as “The Almighty Over Talker” AKA — THE TRIFECTA

My advice if you encounter one of these rare but deadly species:


Just turn your back and run

like you just skipped out on your bail and spotted Dog The Bounty Hunter…..

Yes, we have all dabbled in some degree in these areas throughout our life…. having the occasional better story and sometimes forcefully jumping into a conversation.

Moving forward we can practice Awareness and Restraint…

When we do catch ourselves hijacking a convo — then we can just throw the Ping-Pong ball back on the table.. allowing play to resume.

When we have a story that is undoubtedly better than the one that was just told; as hard as it may be, lets bite our tongue, and set aside our ego — allowing the other person to feel worthy and appreciated for what they have to say and share.

When we feel like “name dropping” or bragging — just remember we’re all playing on the same court together — as equals — all in this Dream together….. we all have to eat, drink, take shits, and then one day Wake Up.

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