Your Gucci glasses

hide those brown eyes

that designer purse


your soul.

You just spilled ice

out of

nervous nerves.

One came close



a hockey puck

towards me.

Thanks for the Apology


no need.

You pointed

at the cube

that moved my way,

I picked it up

and put it in my mouth


the sound of chewing ice

made you laugh


those designer shades and purse

is a vulnerable and sensitive soul


for the unpredictable.

Don’t ever

apologize for something


as spilling ice water.

Every moment

presents a smile.

Thank you






you one.

Life is full of checkpoints

to reassure

you are on the right track


a Race Car video game

The autumn equinox has officially arrived.

Another season — not as exciting to some, perhaps, as summer.

However, as with every season; it is vital within the Universe.

Besides the technical aspect that fall is the transition between when the Sun’s equator lines up with the Northern Hemisphere in the…

1. I have been thinking about posting this for the last few weeks.








9. I will come up with the rest of the reasons later.

I have been living on an ashram for the last 5 months, on the beautiful garden island — Kauai. Waking up at 5am to meditate, followed by yoga, and then good ‘ol fashion farm work.

Besides the farming, it has been a new experience.

Leading up to this adventure I…

I picked up the pen


to tap into something


As I write on the back of an old envelope.

Thank you for the birthday card, Madre.

Every time I pick up a pen — there is a chance of stumbling upon a nugget.


There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write.

— William Makepeace Thackeray

This is why I venture out for coffee. Besides the love of the bean; I crave interaction, I crave looking into another humans eyes — with the opportunity to experience God through a new light.

Thankfully, that happened, just now. As I sat, and still sit, at Kalalea Juice Hale…

I use to rely on the


to write.

I now sit

in the dark. Not even a candle. (headlamp missing)

I can’t see the stoke of the pen.

Hopefully I can read this

tomorrow (although, today is tomorrow)

I feel like what’s his name in Bloodsport

that guy

you know

that guy


I forgot his name.

I was hoping you would know.

Jean Claude Van Damme…

that’s it.

He gets thrown toxic dust in

the eye during a battle.

Thus, fighting blind.

I sit here

writing. Blind.

Kind of

there is some moonlight.

I glance

out the window


What good are any of these words.

I witnessed something amazing today:

A family; husband, wife, and son (early twenties.) There were no fanny packs to prove it, however, they were obviously tourists.

At the Kalalea juice stand.

I sat there with my coffee, well, I'm sitting here. …

I get asked about my success continuously.

By that I mean; Never.

The truth is:

There are no shortcuts. It has been a lot of hard work.

I have spent countless hours setting up fake email addresses and then creating fake Medium accounts, having to scan the internet for pictures…

Jeremy David

I Live on an Island — where I harvest food and interesting thoughts.

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