Trump’s behaviour this week shows why he absolutely cannot have another term.

President Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

The signs have been there since the beginning. From calling Mexicans rapists to openly mocking disabled reporters, Donald Trump has always been showing us what his real character is. During his first 3 years in office, he burned diplomatic bridges, cozied up to dictators, called neo-Nazi’s good people, cut taxes for the rich and wealthy, and helped corporations, including his own. All of these actions have been criticized in the moment, but quickly faded from public attention. …

Trump Supporters at a Rally (Al Drago / Bloomberg)

Through a slew of announcements these past couple days, the Republican Party is revealing its true colours. Despite their proclamation that they represent the working masses, the GOP has shown a disturbing disregard for workers as they push for economies to open up. Tuesday, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act that he has been so wary of using, to force meatpacking plants to stay open, despite massive outbreaks in many across the country. Red states have also begun ordering workers to go back to their jobs, threatening to take away unemployment benefits if the workers don’t. …

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

Democrats Must Reinstate the New York Presidential Primary

Monday, New York State decided to cancel its Democratic presidential primary, with the support of the Democratic Party, citing Bernie Sanders’ suspended campaign and the protection of public health. This received immediate outrage from many, including Sanders and former candidate Andrew Yang, who is reportedly suing the New York board of elections.

This was very clearly a mistake, and New York must immediately pull back from its decision, hopefully with the support of Joe Biden as well.

While public health concerns are understandable, the state is still holding many other races on the same day as the now-cancelled primary, and…

Trump at his Briefing on Thursday (Shutterstock)

Trump’s Daily Briefings May Have Finally Gone Too Far

President Trump’s daily briefings have become staples of the new coronavirus reality Americans live in these days. However, after Trump suggested on Thursday that the virus could be killed by shining UV light inside the body or by ingesting disinfectant, the White House may have finally, thankfully, pulled the plug.

Trump gave a weak explanation on Friday, saying he meant it sarcastically and was trying to mess with reporters. This differed from his own press secretary, who never said Trump wasn’t being serious, but rather it was the reporters’ fault for mischaracterizing what was said. This, unfortunately, has not been…

Stephen Moore (Gage Skidmore)

Anti-Lockdown Protests Latest Example of Conservative Misinformation

Over the past week, protests have begun to spring up across the US, as calls for the loosening of restrictions gain traction. Though demonstrations are still relatively small in size, they are just another example of how conservative leaders have misled their followers in order to sow chaos and attack Democratic leaders.

Many right-wing groups have popped up behind the scenes of rallies, capitalizing on restlessness and people who probably haven’t been directly touched by the virus just yet. …

Empty Street in Japan (Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels)

Asia Is Still a Warning Sign for Europe and America

While the west, and primarily the Americas, are still in the height of the coronavirus pandemic, countries and Asia seemed to have it under control, and were in the process of reopening. However, cases have begun to emerge again in China, Singapore, Japan, and other Asian countries, showing the world just how slow the process of lifting measures will be.

Countries such as Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong were all at extremely low numbers of total and daily cases for much of the past month. However, as people have returned to Asia from the west, cases in these countries have…

Trump Supporters (Office of the President of the United States/Donald J. Trump)

The Irresponsibility of Trump’s “Liberate” Tweets

President Donald Trump released three tweets Friday morning, calling for the liberation of Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia, in protest of the restrictions that have been imposed on people, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the latest in the long saga between Trump and states. After saying states would call their own shots on Thursday, Trump seems to be using his supporters to incite unrest and put pressure on state officials.

“Liberate” is a strong word that is often associated with freeing people from oppression or domination, usually through revolutionary or violent means. While the President will certainly…


COVID-19 Reveals Broken Long-Term Care System in Canada

Over the past two months of the coronavirus pandemic, Canada has been relatively successful in flattening the curve, as new daily cases have started to plateau. However, a major area of concern has emerged, with long-term care homes hit by far the hardest, throughout the country.

Around half of Canada’s 1,191 deaths have occurred in long-term care facilities, pointing to systemic issues that have plagued these homes for years. It has simply taken a pandemic to magnify the problems, and get people’s attention.

These facilities serve the elderly, many with serious health problems, especially heart disease, which is a factor…

South Korean President Moon Jae-In ( / Korean Culture and Information Service)

South Korea Now a Model For Elections During a Pandemic

South Korea held an election on Wednesday, that had a turnout of 66%, the highest it has been in 24 years. It accomplished this by imposing a variety of measures to protect voters, and even allow patients sick with coronavirus to vote in person. Just as it has been a fairly good model for testing and contact tracing, countries can now look to South Korea for how to hold elections during this unprecedented time.

Voters standing in line had to wear masks and gloves, and stood 3 feet apart. Temperature checks were done at the gate, with people at over…

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Trump Is Focused on Diverting Blame, Above All Else

In Tuesday’s once again problematic White House coronavirus task force briefing, President Trump announced that he would stop US funding for the World Health Organization. As he tries to focus blame on anyone but himself, all I can think of is: Now is really not the time to be petty.

Did the WHO have a slow response, and could it have taken stricter steps earlier, yes. Could quicker travel bans have slowed the spread of COVID-19, yes. Did it perhaps trust the Chinese too much, yes. …

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