Why digital nomads must make a stop in Romania

Facts about Romania

A map of Romania and neighbouring countries

Romania is not Siberia

Cișmigiu, the oldest parc of the city


Cost of living

  • Phone: 10–15€ for a prepaid 4G card with calls and data.
  • Co-working space: 80–150€ for full time access.
  • Rent: from 100€ (flat share) to 200€ for a decent 1 bedroom (but not in the center), and up to 500€ for a nice 1 bedroom in the center. This is just an average, prices can drop for a “longer term” rental or, if you have a local contact to help you find a good deal. Everything can be negotiated!
  • Food: a “daily menu” costs 4–5€ (starter, main dish and sometime dessert). Depending on your preference to cook or eat in restaurants, the monthly budget will be between 100€ and 300€. You can find different farmer’s markets with delicious organic food !
  • Transportation: Bucharest has a very dense network of transportation with busses and trams. The only problem is to figure out where the stops are and when the bus will arrive, which can be random sometimes. You’d probably rather stay next to a metro station and use the subway (15€ for a monthly card) or taxi (0,30€ / km) or Uber.
Some colorful terraces in the old center of Bucharest

Fast internet access

2015 statistics about download speed in Europe

Romanian cuisine

One of Romania’s traditionnal dish : Sarmale (cabbage rolls) with mamaliga (polenta)

Vibrant working environment

The Impact Hub team

Touristic discovery and entertainment

  • If you are inspired by altitude, the Carpatian mountains will help you find your next big idea. Be careful not to be bitten by a vampire or chased by a bear living next to the medieval cities that use to protect the mountain area. This is Transylvania after all !
  • If you prefer to stay at sea level, you can find an interesting diversity of environment, from the crowded beaches of Mamaia or Vama Veche to the savage isolated landscape of the Danube Delta which is the largest and best preserved delta in Europe.
The Transfăgărășan, the “the best road in the world” for pilots

European hub for your next destination

Working from Vama Veche, the summer location of Impact Hub

If you’d like to discover more about Romania, check out ‘Juice’!



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