You think we’re “having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority” by simply asking to put your feelings aside in the context of which one would understand why feelings would get in the way when what we’ve then asked for was honest reflection?
From our article #BlackPeople — The Worst Forms of Teachers, you think we’re “having or showing a…

Yes. Why would you assume feelings would get in the way of anything? That is condescending.

We are inadvertent teachers, sure, but it is not our job or responsibility to be. That is exactly why I said “all we have to do is be our awesome Black selves.” The ball is in the court of the people who have to learn, because they are the ones who are actually wrong. No matter whether we do an excellent job of teaching, or a terrible job of teaching, when people remain racist, that is still entirely their fault. This idea of “other people believe racist things about me, so I must be the one doing something wrong,” is really toxic.