3 Strategies Towards Being Productive

Today was a day that I felt like I was treading water. I was up early. I was constantly doing something productive. But no matter what I did, I felt that horrendous feeling of still not being productive yet burned out. I just didn’t ever check any off my list. That inability to complete something while working on a hand full of different things over countless hours blows. Am I right?

Tips to Be Productive:

  1. Define productive for the day → Do you expect yourself to do housekeeping, major work, or just refresh yourself on something…etc.
  2. Take a Breath that doesn’t mean stop, bullshit, and watch netflix for two hours. It means take a breath and a step back to refocus.
  3. Set a Goal → Without a daily goal you are just mindlessly working away. It feels overwhelming because you have no end in mind.

If you define your approach for the day, take a breath when needed, and set a concrete measurable goal from the get-go, you are going to have the right foundation to run with. Then it’s up to you to stay positive, motivated, and efficient. But we can always get better at those things.

What is comes down to, is it can be exhausting when you work all day and can’t successful “check” anything off. Those days happen and it can be frustrating. Thankfully we have those other days where we feel like we can check off ten things. But not checking anything off can make you feel less productive and unsettled at the end of the day. This happens with me at times. These three steps can help. It sets fair expectations, a conducive environment, and approachable goals. Your long term goals should be goals that take a long time to check off. Not because you’ve set a goal that’s dumb and takes forever, but because you’ve set a goal that is important to you and it takes time to both accomplish the necessary accomplishments as well as become the person deserving of that accomplishment.

It’s calibrating how you win each of the days, each small step, as you chase that which you are chasing that can make all the difference.

These are easy to say. They are much harder to do. But I encourage you to give them a try. If it can help one person it has the possibility to help another. And that “other” may just be you.

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