Americans Only Work 4 Days

I’ve come to this conclusion and let me explain before you call me an idiot. I dare you to actually read this entire article. I know four paragraphs may be a long time before I lose your attention.

The majority of Americans live for the weekend. The weekend, let’s call it just Saturday and Sunday. Call me crazy? Okay. Don’t stray yet, stick with me.

Dammit Americans have the attention of a mouse nowadays!!

Especially in a corporate world.. the four day week reigns true. And it’s not about only coming into work for 4 days. It’s not about Mondays off or Fridays off.

It’s about the fact that the majority of people piss away the first half of Monday reselling themselves that they have to work again and also the “well it’s noon on a Friday” I’m done mentality.

So yes, Tuesday, Wednesday, and our lovely Thursday are in full swing. But when you throw the first half or majority of Monday and the back end of Friday in the trash, you are left with 4 days.

Three Tips To Not Piss Away Your Time:

  1. Get excited about reaching your potential not a paycheck
  2. Get excited about what/why your doing it not about getting out of it
  3. Get excited about the opportunity to get closer to something whatever it is you want/desire

Get the hint? Just get excited. Find a reason. I promise you that your results will increase and so will your positive level of influence.

So here’s to the return of the grind that is NOT dependent on the window of 9–5 and specific days of the week.

PS- If you can’t do 1–3 above, find a new job.