To Jeremy
David Gross

One needs to know how Facebook works. You don’t air “dirty laundry” for all to see and you don’t say negative things about your job or that will affect your job. I don’t have a problem with friends who aren’t on Facebook. Dave, you are my friend and will always be.

Yes, I retired after 30 years of teaching. There were many reasons and when we get together you will hear my rants and reasons. I am applying as a substitute for some additional funds — no lesson plans and no papers to grade. Also have my resume being sent around ETS, Educational Testing Service, to see if they need a consultant. I still have my Sunday School principal job and will be picking up paid singing gigs with my music partner. I sing lead and he plays guitar and harmonizes with me. We have over 4 hours of songs we can sing, almost all covers but we are slowly adding originals.

Hope to see you soon.

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