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I’ve gotten the question a few times since we made the switch:

“hey, why don’t you use DEI when describing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?”

It’s a good question and one I spent quite a lot of time considering before defining what made the most sense for Ascending. I’d like to share a few of those thoughts to help create clarity, consistency for those who follow, explore and/or partner with us.

First: to us, the order matters a great deal.

In our American, San Francisco Bay Area context (Ascending was founded in Oakland) I most regularly hear individuals talk about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. The emphasis in America seems to regularly be on the diversity piece. …

Our Brilliant, Part-time UX Consultant

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Startup Dreaming, courtesy of Google Images

Hello hello everyone! 👋🏿

Welcome back to the fourth installation of Ascending’s Launch Team. It’s been an exciting series of announcements (you can read the first few here if you haven’t already.)

As we draw nearer to our September Beta launch, we’re excited to share this next member of the Ascending Launch team!

Welcome our UX Design Consultant, Andrea Burton! Keep reading to get a quick highlight on who Andrea is, where they’re coming from and how to connect.

Andrea Burton — she/they

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Where Andrea calls Home: Minneapolis, MN.

Role at Ascending: UX Design Consultant.

In Andrea’s own words, why choose to join/ build Ascending? I read Jeremy’s article “Somewhere between Jeff Bezos and Breonna Taylor”​ on Linkedin and was deeply moved by his story, his vision and his energy. I wanted to be a part of what he is creating in order to play a role in how DEI works in the tech industry and beyond. As a queer nonbinary person who has worked in tech for the last 15 years, I have seen technology products being built through a white cis heteronormative and very male lens. I believe to see change in our world, we must create TRULY equitable places of work for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folx which in turn will create products that solve wider problems.

6 months. 30 Teams. 1 mission. Join our Beta!

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Last week, we spent time addressing why corporate diversity programs are not a good starting place for pursuing real, long-standing workplace culture change.

Given the especially difficult summer 2020 has been for Black & other underrepresented people, we knew it was important to clearly communicate how it de-prioritizes the people within your organization & perpetuates an already broken system.

The current system assumes if you just put in enough effort things might change. Showcasing more visible diversity on company’s careers pages isn’t enough of a response. It is actually harmful when it doesn’t include concrete investments for long-standing culture change.

This begs the…


Jeremy Evans-Smith

Happy to be here & fortunate to be running Ascending:

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