Jeremy F Siegel
Jun 11, 2015 · 2 min read

Hi fellow 2Utes, my name is Jeremy Siegel and I am the Product Development Manager of the Implementation group. The Implementation team builds all the technology for new programs and finds ways to improve the process through automation. This is my first company meeting and it amazes me how many smart people we have in one company!

Artie, Kelly, and Matt led a session discussing methods of effectively managing processes within 2U. Given my role and being a new employee here I really wanted the chance to hear different perspectives on the processes we have in place and how to incorporate new ones. During my time here (hopefully it will be a long time) I hope to be able to establish many new and efficient processes, and I felt like this session would be a great starting point.

During the session there were many interesting points that really resignated with me. During the session Kelly stated when you are discussing a possible new process with your fellow 2Ute to emphasize how they will benefit and how it will make their job more seemless. I also found it incredible when Matt discussed “franchise prototype” that the Cheesecake Factory utilizes. In short, they have a set process for every kitchen to efficiently make all their menu items while limiting waste. This discussion drove the point of making your processes very tight, so when a new person joins they can finish that task like a 2U expert (which I am sure they will get to one day)!

In case you were unable to join, the best advice I gained during this proffesional development session was: while creating an effective process make sure to incorporate the appropiate folks, try to prove yourself wrong, leave personal emotions at home and keep in mind to be able to iterate on the process.

For me this session had a lot to do with my day to day role and responsibilities here at 2U, which I plan on incorporating the points above along with the many other topics Matt, Kelly and Artie mentioned.

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