Find Your Creative

Why do we create? How do we think of beautifully random ideas to put into our tangible world? Most times we’re not forced into any creative situation. Its our choice. So, how does this come about?

Well, our minds and our bodies feel compelled to express our thoughts and/or emotions. Whether you think you're creative or not, we’re all artists in our own right. Its the creative inside all of us pushing and shoving itself onto our own personal canvas.

This blog post, whether you enjoy it or not, its one of my creative outlets to produce art. Its my chance to put my thoughts and/or emotions onto something tangible.

What Im saying Isn’t anything new to you, Im sure! I just want to encourage anyone who reads this to take 5 seconds and think about what your art is. What are your creative outlets?

If your’e in the mood, just tell me below!

Thank you! Love you all.

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