Your Fingerprint Is Proof

The glamorous life of “uniqueness”

With 7-billion people on this planet we’re able to pick you out as if you’re “the needle in the hay stack.” How? You’re unique. You’re “special”, if you will. Nobody on this planet has what you have. Nobody.

From the moment you begin to form in the womb, you’re special. There will never be a point in your life you’re like anyone else. Is that comforting? You never have to worry about being someone else or even TRY to be someone else. You’re going to be you, as long as you live. So don’t even try.

Even though I’m talking about something so small and what may seem insignificant in your fingerprint, its not. Think bigger. Think wider. Think deeper.

You don’t have a choice but to be you. Why try to avoid it?

Embrace it. Embrace the face that you’re unique. Use that knowledge to impact the world. Bring you to the table every time you sit down.

We all get caught up in trying to be like someone else. Someone we think is bigger, smarter, faster…ect. “That person is so cool!” ( Fuck that, you’re fuckin’ cool, too) The fact remains, you’ll never be that person. Sure, you can try to impersonate and “trait steal” all you want, but it doesn’t matter. Nobody will ever see you as anyone but yourself. You will always be you!

So when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning, hold you thumb up, and realize you’re unique.

What if we could be like someone else? If once in a lifetime you get to choose someone to be. Say right now is that time. Someone walks up to you and asks, “we can put your consciousness into whoever you want, but we can only do it this one time. Want to give it a shot?” What would you do?

Would you sacrifice your special and uniqueness to be like someone else. I know sometimes I bet you do. But think about this for a second.

Whoever you would want to be, isn’t what it seems. They struggle, they hurt, they go though hell just like you do sometimes. Instead of wanting to be someone else, how about using your own gifts to make something of yourself.

Our problem is we separate ourself from people we admire way to frequently and drastically. The only difference between us and them is they discovered what their passionate about and who they wanted to be and they busted their ass to get there.

Don’t try and be like someone else. Use your uniqueness to build your own paradise.

Thank you for reading. My name is Jeremy Fuhst, founder of Hohm, where we try and spread the power of your passions. If you’re interested in reading and learning more you can find us below!

Love you, guys!

Embrace your uniqueness

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