The Vine City Code Crew

Code. Create. Love. Repeat.


The Vine City Code Crew is a relationship driven initiative with youth in under-resourced communities which aspires to inspire us in STEAM education — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. By coding, making and explorative learning, we create as the creators we were made to be. And in so doing, we would hope we become a people who love to learn — and learn to love.

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It takes financial resources to cover the cost of putting on our classes. You can help us greatly by giving a tax-free donation to the Vine City Code Crew via our host, Redeemer Community Church in Vine City. Please email Jeremy here if you’d like to learn how to give.

And thank you.

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About The Crew.

With the youth in Vine City we typically conduct two semesters per year, spring and fall, where we teach boys and girls (ages 10+) basic coding concepts in a fun and engaging way. We learn to code together to make our own simple computer games and little programs using things called Scratch, Minecraft, Python, breadboards, simple circuits and LittleBits on tiny computers called a Raspberry Pi! Sound like fun?

What’s “Scratch,” you ask?

And what the heck is a “Raspberry Pi,” you ask?

Code. Create. Love. Repeat.

Husband, dad, Crimson Tider and The Vine City Code Crew.

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