The Vine City Code Crew — Part 2!

The “Maker Crew”

Yours truly has been on hiatus… A bit too long, admittedly.

After our first Code Crew class concluded, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, family travel, catching what must have amounted to The Plague (I’ll spare you the details…) and a new work fiscal year all happened in what felt like a few days. Our first Code Crew wrapped near the end of October, and I’m still a few sessions behind to catch up on finishing up those blogs; write-ups that I truly hope to complete before our next Code Crew kicks off mid-April — The Maker Crew!

So here’s a quick recap of our last Code Crew class:

  • 10 Coders started and completed the Code Crew, and all earned their Raspberry Pi, monitor, keyboard, mouse and Python lab manual for theirs to keep!
  • We had a totally rad field trip day to MailChimp (THANKS “MailKimp?”!!) that I had more fun on than the kids
  • Due to the overwhelming generosity of people like you, gracious corporate sponsors and the support of both Redeemer Community Church and Trinity Anglican Mission, 100% of the Code Crew class was funded. From me and all of The Crew: THANK YOU.

So here’s the next thing we’re doing. And we’re in the process of collecting materials, finishing up lab builds and manuals, and getting everything ready for an April 22nd start for the Maker Crew. Here’s a little sneak peak into what kind of tech builds we makers will create:

And a pencil that sounds like R2-D2 as you draw!?

If you’d like to support The Crew, or know someone who would, please take a look here to donate or just find out more:

More to come from our Maker’s Lab. It might get loud. Consider yourselves warned…

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