Session #0101

How long do you think it would take you to count to 1,000,000, out loud? How long do you think it would take your little mighty mouse Raspberry Pi to print out the same? It’s race time!

Ok, so do this — grab a stopwatch and count as fast as you can to 10. BUT someone else has to listen to you and actually understand each number you said. So you can’t just say an unintelligible stream of gibberish and call it a day. Alright, do that three to four times. …

On a cool, dark, salty-aired early morning of January 31, 1961 an intrepid space explorer approached his Mercury Redstone rocket ship near the gentle crashing surf of the beaches of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Through the fog of his breath on his bubble astronaut helmet, he eyeballed the interstellar vehicle up ahead waiting for him — smoking, humming and vibrating as if it were alive and breathing; ready to tear from Earth’s futile gravitational grip.

His spaceship glistened against the backdrop of the dark sky, lit in the distance by enormous flood lights like a glowing white monument to the exploratory drive of man. …

The “Maker Crew”

Yours truly has been on hiatus… A bit too long, admittedly.

After our first Code Crew class concluded, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, family travel, catching what must have amounted to The Plague (I’ll spare you the details…) and a new work fiscal year all happened in what felt like a few days. Our first Code Crew wrapped near the end of October, and I’m still a few sessions behind to catch up on finishing up those blogs; write-ups that I truly hope to complete before our next Code Crew kicks off mid-April — The Maker Crew!

So here’s a quick recap of our last Code Crew…


Jeremy Harms

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