Missing you was the hardest part

Such a life-saver

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Your mom acquaintance Jenn insisted this book is “such a lifesaver,” and Jenn always dresses for drop-off. Jenn got her precious dears into the best private pre-K. Jenn intimidates indiscriminately.

It’s time to think outside the unbox

Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash


Move over, LOL! These sassy dolls are here to remind you of that one thing you overlooked. Meet Overdue Bill Jill! Discover Fundraising Deadline Frieda! Or maybe you’ll get that Ultra-Rare cutie, April TaxesDue. …

Jeremy Hooper

Recycled politico who ✍️ hahas for adults (@mcsweeneys, @weeklyhumorist, @pointsincase, @frazzledhumor) & future adults (PBs) | Rep @LauraMazer

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