As a general observation on the State of the union, it is inexplicable the election debate as…
Brylar Foustark

Nothing says they have to join Hillary. All they have to do is say, “I cannot vote for anyone,” and as long as 1 person votes for an alternative to Trump, it is possible that that alternative could be installed POTUS.


Next Monday, 40 Democrats switch their vote to Ohio Governor John Kasich. 1 Republican votes Pence, and 35 abstain. It’s 269 Trump, 192 Hillary, 40 Kasich, and 1 Pence. On the VP side, with much less trepidation on Pence’s side, its 306 Pence to 232 Kaine.

The Office of Vice President has its elect in Pence and that’s done with. The President, on the other hand, has no elected candidate as you must have 270 EVs to actually win. The election goes to the House.

Each of the 50 states gets one vote, which is cast by a majority of the delegation. The options they may choose from are the top 3 candidates — Trump, Clinton, and Kasich in this example. The magic number here is again half — 25 states must unite behind one candidate for that candidate to move up to POTUS-elect.

It’s a foregone conclusion that short of horse-trading in the House, Hillary will not reach the magic number of 25. But perhaps, starting in Ohio, a movement to install Kasich takes hold. Colorado, for instance, voted against Trump (and for Hillary), and the GOP Representatives here in Colorado have to stand for election in 2 years. Not wanting to give the Left ammo against them by voting for Trump when their constituents voted against him, they might go for the compromise candidate in Kasich. Likewise for Utah, where McMullen made a challenge. 3/25 right there. Other delegations whose members may have been savaged by Trump may trade horses — Say, in Michigan, where Trump won by the narrowest of margins, and the magic number is 8. 5 Democrats promise to vote for Kasich, and Justin Amash joins in with 2 more Republicans worried about Trump (won’t guess at these…), and bam. Kasich wins MI. It’s possible also for places like Minnesota (where Hillary won a close election) to see a conservative Democrat (these guys still exist!) such as Collin Peterson to join with Republicans who, again, don’t want to anger the Left by voting for the guy they rejected and do the ‘compromise’ of Kasich for POTUS. Repeat this 20 more times, and suddenly Trump loses without Hillary winning.

It’s not likely, mind you, but it’s far more likely that this happens than Clinton wins, because of how the system works. Whoever is selected will have no mandate and will just be a caretaker for the next four years, and then we get to go through this sh*t all over again.

Regardless of who wins, I want out. We’ve proven we’re not capable of having an honest debate in this country and the elections have gotten stupid. Good luck! We’re all gonna need it.

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