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Just yesterday a friend of mine called me up all excited, having just purchased a ticket to Burning Man. She had great energy and enthusiasm and had been dreaming about going to the Burn for months. She was at a point in her life where she felt ready to find a new perspective and ponder some upcoming moves in her career. She raved about the art she was excited to see, people to meet, and music to dance to. But beyond the excitement, she admitted to needing some help figuring out how to survive the harsh environment of the desert…

Evaluating that which has never before existed.

Imagine Steve Jobs approaches a random investor (let’s call him Bill) with the iPad in 2009 before anyone else had seen it and asks Bill to invest. Bill was in love with his iPhone, and had used a Palm Pilot back in the day, but had never touched an iPad before the meeting.

Bill: Isn’t this just a big iPhone?

Steve: No, it’s a tablet.

Bill: So what do people do with it?

Steve: They surf the web, watch movies, and read emails.

Bill: But don’t people want rich functionality, don’t people want to create and edit Word documents and…

Which position do you play?

MG Siegler asked the internet, is there a Kaepernick of startups? He recounted the replacement of star quarterback Alex Smith with super-star quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and posited that perhaps replacing a CEO is analogous to replacing a quarterback. Siegler made many great insights riffing on this notion and I’d like to continue his line of thinking drawing parallels between football and business. Despite popular culture’s many trite comparisons between sports and business, there actually may be some reason that those sports-themed motivational posters left over from the 90's that still hang in coffee-scented cubicles.

Here’s my take on how positions…

Bitcoin, Tesla, Facebook

I’m not an investor but it’s time I start thinking like one. I’m not wealthy, I’m a 25 year old entrepreneur who is highly leveraged in my current business. I’ve been living in Silicon Valley since 2010 and have been fortunate to have learned enough that I no longer have a good excuse to miss out on a few investments that could have turned a hearty bar tab into several months of rent.

1. Bitcoin I first heard about bitcoin in the fall of 2011, when it was running about $3 per bitcoin. Being an engineer, I geeked out on…

Jeremy Kuempel

Product designer, inventor, coffee lover

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