This Donald Trump Conspiracy Theory is on Medium So You Know It’s True

I don’t know if you (sheep) have been paying attention to the NEWS but if you haven’t been paying as close attention as me (very smart person whose Firefox homepage is The Huffington Post: Blog Section), you might not have noticed the insidious plan by Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and the rest of the alt-right gang to literally take over the world and enact whatever version of Sharia Law it is that liberals are afraid of.

Here are the facts:

  • Donald Trump is literally the dumbest person who has ever existed.
  • Donald Trump is a brilliant mastermind who has carefully planned a coup of the entire Earth so that he can force everyone to shave their heads leaving him as the last remaining person with hair.

I’m not even going to source those because they are pretty obviously true so you would only question it if you have not been paying attention.

Now I want to go through the timeline of events that every single dictator of the past has done according to their Wikipedia pages. This is the exact playbook that Trump and his goons are going to follow so it’s also sort of a peek into the very near future.

  1. They become the leader of the country that they live in. Trump was able to do this by winning the presidential election back in 2016. Wake up!
  2. They call into question the validity of the press. This is literally dictator fascism: what if the American Public did not have access to investigative journalism like the story about Trump photoshopping his hands to look bigger? (Note: this ended up not being true). What about the crucial story from Buzzfeed News about the leaked Russia document proving that Trump has ties to Russian prostitutes who he paid to pee on him?! (Note: this ended up also not being true). We DESERVE to know the truth so we can fight against the FAKE NEWS spouted out by Trump’s administration. Support real news: donate to my Patreon and I will write an article of your choosing!
  3. There are mass resignations from the previous administration. It has been heavily sourced by a different Medium post that the mass resignations have actually been secret forced firings by Trump himself. You might be thinking: why is this interesting? Uhhhh I don’t know… maybe because it’s TREASON?! It is illegal to fire people based on the fact that you disagree with their politics, ESPECIALLY if they are politicians! (Note: I will publish another Medium article listing all of the treasons committed by Trump ignored by the media according to a comment on Reddit).
  4. They start killing people left and right. OK so technically this one hasn’t happened yet but if you look at what’s GOING ON in the above three stages, you will see that this is the NEXT STEP. Another Medium post I read says that Trump plans on killing nearly 85% of all people. THIS IS VERY FRIGHTENING (and also another TREASON).


Every time Trump tweets something, speaks at conferences, introduces new laws and policy, appoints a new member to his administration, signs executive orders, kisses his daughters gently on the lips, etc. THESE ARE JUST MEANT TO DISTRACT YOU FROM THE REAL ISSUES.

We need to band together and stop this horrible coup d’etat before Trump takes over the country.

Shaun King please share this, thank you.