Why Am I Watching ‘The Defiant Ones — Part 2’?

  1. How has this guy never seen a road runner by a pool?
  2. How much different would this documentary be if Eazy-E were still alive?
  3. How much different would rap be if Eazy-E were still alive?
  4. How many people confused DOC with Dr. Dre back then?
  5. How many people confuse the two today when they’re brought up in reference to NWA?
  6. How many questions can I start off with “How” for this post?
  7. Anyone notice that you can’t spell Defiant without Def?
  8. Do regular people really notice the difference between Beats speakers and other speakers?
  9. Can anyone understand Tom Petty?
  10. Who sings this song?
  11. Did Tom Petty ever find out who did him like that?
  12. Can someone tell Stevie Nicks that she doesn’t sound good in 2017?
  13. Why do I feel like Stevie Nicks slept with a lot of people?
  14. How many people do you think Stevie Nicks slept with?
  15. Is Jimmy Iovine’s best talent taking songs from one artist and giving them to a different artist?
  16. Did Stevie Nicks do coke?
  17. Wouldn’t you have to do drugs to date Jimmy Iovine in the early 80’s?
  18. How does JJ Fad talk so fast while moving their mouths so slow?
  19. Are they going to address the Dee Barnes controversy?
  20. What if all bullets were replaced with paintballs?
  21. If I’ve seen 8 Mile do I need to watch this part on shooting paintball guns out the window?
  22. Why was this paintball stuff not in Straight Outta Compton?
  23. Did Ice Cube yell “MAGIC!” when he threw the original copy of ‘Fuck The Police’ away?
  24. So Dr. Dre was the biggest pussy in the group when it came to that record?
  25. Is that why he slapped Dee Barnes?
  26. Will there ever be a more political record than Fuck The Police?
  27. Can a record ever achieve those kind of heights in 2017?
  28. Is Dr. Dre going to talk about his brother now?
  29. Dre’s brother’s last name was Crayon?
  30. How much do you think he got teased for that?
  31. Is it the best idea for Dre to talk about death while flying on a plane?
  32. Was DOC ever a big star?
  33. How the fuck did DOC not die from that car crash?
  34. How big of a star would DOC have been with Dre behind him as much as he was?
  35. He would have been a bigger star than Eazy-E and Ice Cube, right?
  36. He would have been Dre’s first real single star, right?
  37. Do people think DOC is a heavy smoker based on his voice?
  38. Is anyone else still unsure of how Jimmy Iovine became as good as he became?
  39. How much did Jimmy Iovine spend on this first date?
  40. More or less than he ended up paying Vicki in the divorce?
  41. What the fuck is up with Bono’s hair?
  42. Would any teenager consider U2 punk rock?
  43. Who is more talented between Bono and The Edge?
  44. Is every pool party thrown by a black person the coolest place ever?
  45. Who would win a fight between Suge Knight and Ice Cube?
  46. Who would win a fight between Ice Cube and Dr. Dre?
  47. Do you think Jerry Heller blames Dee Barnes for NWA splitting up?
  48. Did Eazy E want to be white?
  49. Is that why he chose Jerry over Dre?
  50. How much did Dre hate talking about the Dee Barnes situation?
  51. How much did they pay Dre to talk about the Dee Barnes situation?
  52. You gonna take advice from somebody who slapped Dee Barnes?
  53. Did that ruin Dee Barnes career?
  54. Has Dr. Dre ever spoken to Dee Barnes after the incident?
  55. Why is the end of this episode so sad?
  56. Is it because life is sad?
  57. Would Tom Petty have thrown Jimmy’s iPhone today?
  58. Why does Jimmy type on his phone like a girl?
  59. Is Jimmy Iovine the original Anthony Davis?
  60. Is this documentary really about making people remember how good U2 was?
  61. If this documentary were produced by Apple, would it automatically appear on our iTunes?
  62. Did this white person really just say the N word?
  63. Can we say the N word if it’s in reference to an album title or lyrics?
  64. How did Suge Knight have so much money?