My First Chapter

Hey everyone, fellow mediums. I started this not too long ago as I wanted to find somewhere to really let out things that circulate through my head. Anything from short stories, or just opinions and being able to express myself through the internet.

So as this is my first blog post. Before I write my “INTERESTING, ENGAGING, IMAGINATIVE, FUN or whatever seems to catch viewers attention.” (So I hope) I’d just like to give a great hello and hopefully get to know more about blog writing and meet like minded bloggers.

My smile shows happiness but that does not mean I’m happy

About ME

I know what you’re probably thinking… “Why put an about me? Couldn’t you just write out your content already Goddamn it! Jeez..” Okay okay before you start your critique isn’t it good to at least introduce yourself? I’ll try to make it short and brief for you all!

As you probably know already, I’m Jeremy. Currently a noob animator & beginner blogger. I’m currently based in Australia though would love to travel and maybe find another place to stay. Absolutely love my food. Hobbies are swimming, drawing and story writing.

So let’s go onto a journey together. Would love to get into professional blogging on this platform but let’s see how I go…

^^If you manage to reach the end thank you :)^^