Story Of Change Part 1

The Beginning - Choosing A Path- Soldier or Civillian (What Should I Do?)

So this story is based off my experience of making a big decision. Before I head on to all the drama and the cliche beginning I’d like to start with how this came to be where it all began.

It all started at the time I was in high school. The point in our lives where every young adolescent school teenager goes through. The all important question that we all should be thinking of though not done.

“What do you plan to do in the future?”

Yes, that’s right.. Some of you may agree or disagree with this but I feel it’s an important question to ask yourself. At that time this question came up a lot for me. Parents, teachers and friends would ask this question. Even now, I think to myself where will my future go or what will it hold.

Now as you’re reading this you’re probably asking “How does this have anything to do with YOUR STORY Jeremy??” Well at the time of high school period for me, as boring as school was you gotta see what you want in life or what you plan to do in the future.

One day, I came home to receive a letter from my parents. A letter that was addressed to me. I don’t normally receive letters especially this day of age other than for book loans or bank statements. But this was different.. Addressed to me, the letter in short had this to say.

You’ve been enlisted to the army…

Just imagine yourself. Going from what is your everyday norm life of being a student to the next thing being a SOLDIER?? Well being the naive me that I had been at the time I had not realised what big a change that would have been.

Yes it was compulsory no doubt about it. Though the place that I would serve would be completely foreign to me. An unfamiliar territory. A new life, a new beginning. I saw this as a way to start my life again. So in the end I had chosen the path of the new life I never lived.

Starting anew

So I took the opportunity… I told my parents of my decision of become a soldier. Little did I know that my life would change. Seeing things in a different light.

The Day Of Departure

This was the time I had told myself “This is it, there’s no going back now.” Things will definitely be different whether I’d experience the good or bad. Days before this event, I hung out with my friends before the departure to say my goodbyes. Yeah it was sad but I’ll be coming back as a changed person for sure.