Drowning in memories with T. Graham Brown, a country song’s best friend

Jeremy Roberts
33 min readJan 4, 2018
Come hell or high water, late 1980s country-soul song stylist T. Graham Brown runs until his feet don’t touch the ground in the first installment of his most in-depth interview. A country song’s best friend, the incomparable Brown poses in casual street clothes after performing a sold-out show at the Alapaha Station Celebration in Alapaha, Georgia, on November 13, 2010. Photography by Jeremy Roberts

How does an artist reconcile the fact that after notching 15 Top 40 country songs during an enviable 33-year career, country radio won’t play their latest record? Regrettably, that is an issue facing T. Graham Brown. Rather than cashing in his chips and becoming a stagnant oldies jukebox or settling for retirement, Brown continues to tour and record prolifically.

Jeremy Roberts

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