Patrick Wayne unmasks extraordinary dad’s vulnerability in exclusive birthday tribute

Actor Patrick Wayne grants his most comprehensive digital interview to date marking the 110th birthday of his late father, iconic cowboy hero John Wayne. Here the Duke cuts a dashing profile as Matt Masters, owner of a combination circus / Wild West show traveling throughout the capitals of Europe and molded after real life colorful cowboy Buffalo Bill Cody. “Circus World,” a barely remembered, bloated drama unveiled on June 25, 1964, was directed by Henry Hathaway of later “True Grit” blockbuster status. Wayne had a persistent, nagging cough during filming that eventually manifested itself as lung cancer. Note his stylized signature on the publicity still. Image Credit: AF Archive / Alamy

Born on May 26, 1907, smack dab in middle America — the rural central Iowa community of Winterset — Oscar-winning True Grit actor John Wayne embodied the quintessential everyman during his record 25-year streak ensconced in Quigley’s Top Ten Money Making Stars Poll.



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