‘Stooges Among Us’ contributor Scott Reboul traces his journey to the hysterically funny trio

Retired Savannah River Site radiochemist Scott Reboul spent priceless moments with the Three Stooges and grants a thorough walk down memory lane honoring the all-time gods of comedy who mastered timing and physical pratfalls. Oh boy, wait ’til the government gets a load of this: The cover of the July 1967 issue of the Three Stooges’ Gold Key comic book finds loopy artist Moe Howard applying greasy kids’ paint to ecstatic Native American Larry Fine as fellow brave Curly Joe DeRita eggs him on. The original caption reads, “Yip! Yip! Yippeee! Chief Crazy-Nose and His Unbrave Braves Don War Paint to Become Fine Feathered Fugitives.” Image Credit: The Bristol Board / Tumblr / C3 Entertainment

Until his retirement in July 2018, Scott Reboul was a radiochemist at the Savannah River Site, ensuring the environmental safety of 36 million gallons of radioactive liquid waste, remnants of Cold War-era nuclear material, during a distinguished 24-year career. The only clue that Reboul’s colleagues had pertaining to his Three…



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Jeremy Roberts

Retro pop culture interviews & lovin’ something fierce sustain this University of Georgia Master of Agricultural Leadership alum. Email: jeremylr@windstream.net