When video stores were king: The legacy of Showtime Video

Jeremy Roberts
5 min readApr 17, 2018
Showtime Video was a family-owned DVD rental store for nearly 20 years before unceremoniously closing on New Year’s Eve 2009. Get the scoop on why its legacy endures for this movie aficionado. Seen above, Showtime Video employee Beverly Foss, co-owner Vicki Cole, Karlee Walden [Vicki’s grand-daughter], original owner Leon Durrance [Vicki’s father], and Karla Walden [Vicki’s daughter] say goodbye on the business’s closing day on December 31, 2009, in Nashville, Georgia. Photography by Jeremy Roberts

Showtime Video was a DVD rental store that served the entertainment needs of Nashville, Georgia, residents for nearly 20 years. Closing with scant fanfare on New Year’s Eve 2009, its legacy nevertheless endures for movie aficionados.

The family-owned South Georgia business, located at the time of its resolution behind McDonald’s near Highway 129, was launched on…

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