Whelp. So much for NASA, you guys.

I apologize in advance, because this is gonna be a disjointed rant, but I’m seeing red right now.

Cross-posted from FB, about this reporting from Politico. 

Trump wants to go. To the moon. BY 2020. Are you… KIDDING me? Do you have ANY idea how hard this stuff is? 3 YEARS from now?? We don’t even have a launch system CAPABLE of doing that. Show me how you’re gonna design and build that in 3 years. I’m waaaaaaiting.

OH. You’re gonna contract SpaceX to do it? Sure. You’re gonna be waiting on the Falcon Heavy, which is at least 6 months from first flight and LIKELY 2 years from becoming human-rated. That said, you COULD launch people on there prior to it being human rated, but that might not attract the best+brightest to the program.

I mean, you could also ask the Russians for a rocket, but their safety record right now isn’t great, and they also… well, nothing they have is big enough to get to the moon with any sort of human rating / return payload.

There’s China, with their Long March series of rockets — and they might just get to the moon within 3 years if they hurry, but I promise you they’re gonna laugh at us asking to tag along.

Nono, it’s cool guys. We will just hand over space to China, India, and Russia with some occasional science from the nice ESA folks.

Honestly, though…. In some ways I’m okay with that. China and India are both doing really interesting and innovative work, and the science dividends are gonna be awesome.

USA’s space program did some cool stuff while it lasted. Ah well. So much for one of the few government programs that actually had a measurable and defined return on investment that made a big difference in our daily lives.

Here — let me spell it out for you: NASA RETURNS MORE MONEY TO THE ECONOMY THAN IT COSTS. Depending on who you listen to, it’s between 700–1400% ANNUALLY. For every DOLLAR spent on Nasa, between SEVEN and FOURTEEN are generated in our economy.

Oh, and that nice GPS system in your phone that powers Waze? NASA and DARPA wouldn’t mind a little thank you note.

Oh, and let’s talk about NEWT FUCKING GINGRICH — Here’s what he has to say….

“No NASA program dominated by bureaucrats could take the risks, accept the failures and create a learning curve comparable to an entrepreneurial approach,” he added. “Just think of the Wright brothers’ 500 failures in five summers at $1 per failure. Ask how long NASA would have taken and how much it would have cost.”

WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, NEWT? Do you NOT see that difference between simple aeronautics and the insane complexity and danger that is involved in flying a fucking ROCKET? Jesus CHRIST man. NASA takes its time on human-rated missions for a REASON — and STILL astronauts die. You cut that down, and you’re gonna get people killed. Fast.

Oh, and for the record — the Wright brothers were also working on the shoulders of giants who came before them and worked out all the hard stuff first. They were just better at the building portion, having figured out how to use a wind tunnel to test their designs and rapidly iterate prior to testing. Oh, and they also were using proven aerofoil designs that was used in gliders for a long time prior — these things added up to their reasonable expectation of safety during testing.

Not that this stuff matters, you pathetic little man.

OH HEY THEN there’s this gem:
“and private lunar landers staking out de facto ‘property rights’ for American on the Moon, by 2020 as well,”

Take a moment, guys, to google the Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies. Doing the property rights dance would violate an internationally signed treaty. Not, of course, that it matters to this administration or anything.

America First, right?