I Broke Into a Fan’s House

After spending a few relaxing days in my favorite city in Vietnam, Danang. It was time to leave the beautiful country of Vietnam as my 3-month visa was coming to an end.

I grabbed a bus early one morning to Lao Bao the border town! After getting off the bus, I walked over to the border, walked through immigration after getting my Lao Visa on arrival and then ended up walking to the local bus stand.

I had to wait for the bus stand for a while. During my time there, a few guys from the Lao border patrol came nearby to grab lunch. A few minutes after talking to them I was invited over and grabbed a few drinks with the border patrol! I’m not fond of drinking (except good red wine) but I always like trying the local beer of every country I go to.

The bus arrived early in the morning to the capital city of Laos, Vientiane! Upon connecting to the WiFi, I was surprised to see my email newsletters signups had a spike! Apparently, a German blogger (Conni Biesalski) had shared an article I wrote.

Later after checking Facebook, a German guy had messaged me through my blog’s Facebook page!

I had not met a reader of my blog before, so when I received this message, I was on top of the moon and insanely excited! I messaged him back and told him that I had just arrived in Vientiane and would love to meet! I had not done any prior research about Laos before coming and only knew that Vientiane was the capital!

I explored the city a little after checking into a hostel. It felt a little weird *but excited* to explore a new country but I was a little “homesick” to leave Vietnam after spending 5 months there. The next day, I did a little bit of blogging work as it was raining the whole morning and then met up with Carsten in the evening!

After a ride through town, we were racing against the approaching storm! We made our way to his place which was the cutest house ever! It was a shared house and his housemates were the nicest people ever. Alice from France was interning with the UN woman’s division here in Laos while Natalie was from California was doing an internship with the World Health Organization! It was great to have met them and I’m so glad that Carsten messaged me. He was from Germany and was working for a division of a German company out here in Laos.

We had so many similar interests and talked until the wee hours of the night! The next day was the eve of the Laos New Year so all 3 of them were leaving the city and heading off to different parts of the country for their holidays. I decided that I would stay in the city for the new years as I wasn’t that pumped for another New Year, haha! (I had ad celebrated the normal new year in Cambodia and the Vietnamese new year in Vietnam.)

Carsten had a cat, Scotty, and since they were going to be gone for quite a few days, it was necessary to make sure that Scotty had enough food to eat! We filled his bowl to the top and them placed an extra can upside down so he could later push it and get more food. They locked up the house and then I made my way to the center of the city and we separated our ways!

Later that night, just as I was closing my eyes and entering dreamworld, I was just thinking about how cool it was that I met these guys, when it struck me that when we were locking up the house Alice had mentioned that “Guy’s we shouldn’t forget to get the cat outside, he is sleeping on the couch.” However we didn’t get the cat outside! (The food was kept outside.)

I messaged Alice and the next morning she replied that I was right and asked me if I could go over, break in and get the cat out! When I woke up, the entire city was in chaos! You couldn’t walk 50m without having a bucket of water thrown at you! The Laos New Year celebrations had begun! Having got caught up in the celebrations and attending a huge concert I couldn’t make it to the house! (Sorry, Scotty!)

The next morning, I made it a point to make my way over, I climbed over the compound wall. I could hear Scotty crying from inside! Thanks to a window, I was able to break in and rescue Scotty (yay!!), filled his bowl with extra water and then made my way back to the celebrations in the center of the city!

Writing down this story feels so surreal and hilarious! I mean, it was the first time I ever met a reader of my blog, and 2 days later I broke into his house! You can't make shit like this up! All because of a simple Facebook share! haha!

Oh well, just like Helen Keller said:

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all…

About the Author

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