A poem or rap it is what it is.

Fill up

You fill up my heart and my soul, you break down my walls set in mortar and stone, you lend me a hand when I'm grasping at air, you light up my life but your not aware.

At times I feel like I’m just a ghost to you, and it doesn’t even matter what I do, I yell and I scream, I praise you to the stars, but then you look at me and just see straight through.

So I ask myself what the fuck should I do?

There are so many times I really want to walk and say fuck it I'll see you another day.

But just when I think to leave you behind, and eradicate all the feelings I find.

You reach out and show me that you love and you care. Just not in the same way that I want to share.

So I'm gonna choose to stand by your side because these are feelings I refuse to hide.

I will always be your friend and brother it's true, I'll never give up on fighting for for you.

Cuz at the end of the day we got each other's back and there ain't nothin more beautiful than that.

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