The stuff in my head.


Now I battle with the voices that I hear in my head. That say "ohh jeremy just paint the room red ,all it will take is a little bullet to the head".

But I say no! Fuck you I'm stronger than that. 
Fuck you I'm stronger than that.

I will no longer self medicate, or bring myself harm, weather it be a needle or a cut to the arm. You have no power over me tho you think you do. So you run around in circles and say "what should I do?"

Though you live in my head you really don't know me, so cuz of that I kindly ask you metaphorically blow me. I'll leave the door open so you can go away, my head is a place your not welcome to stay.

But still You try to come up with elaborate plans, to destroy me. You say "take these pills they will make you feel good, and while you’re at it wear a plastic hood" your subconscious voice of your subconscious me speaks volumes in the words you don’t see. So what your really saying is you want to suffocate me, make me brain dead so you can take control of my head?

Reverse sound

" woah woah woah this is the voice in the back of your head, you speak all this big shit like you wish I was dead, but don't you think that's a little contrary? Want to to kill something that you made. End my subconscious life instead of coexist? NOW YOU LISTEN HEAR YOUR MY LITTLE BITCH! You're nieve to think you can eradicate me, because I'm part of of what makes you, you, and if I'm gone what will do? You need me! As I need you. Were friends bro can't you see just how much your life would change with out me?" 

Yeah thank you I see it real clear.... I'm your creator the master of your domain, I will not allow you to drive me insane. I'll beat you back and put you in a cage where you can rot for the rest of your days. I don't need you as much as you need me, but you must be blind cuz that clear to to see. I won't destroy you, but I'll make you hurt, for all the years and the tears that you made me shed and the fucking times you made me wish I was dead.

Your punishment and this I decree is to sit in your cage and watch me succeed. You will see me live a life free with little pain, and watch me get better day by day, all while your influence starts to fade away.

So now that you're there that's where you will stay and watch me live every day.

Now I'm gonna stow away the key..... good by I hope you enjoy what you see.....

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