Day 5 of Water Fast

I have been consuming nothing but water for 5 days now.

This fast has really pushed the boundries of my belief systems. I started to get worried yesterday that my body couldnt cope with this. I started to really really feel my deep seeded fear of dying.

When you push your mental limits and deepest belief structures you start to unravel beliefs that are no longer in alignment with your present truth. I am shedding so much false assumptions about myself, where I stand in my life, and the people in my life that truly support my highest growth.

I am feeling like I need extreme rest. My energy is surprisingly high but my physical body is in complete detox. I have been having detox symptoms the last couple days which I have heard means I am on the tail end of the fast but I need to push through the completion of the detox symptoms.

Last night I was really considering breaking it today. After waking up I am going to play today by ear.

I feel like this experience has really shown me how far I can truly go and how much will power I have.

I really have learned to honor myself first. My Mom is not happy that I am doing this. She thinks I am hurting myself. I realized that its not my job to put her at ease, its my job to soothe myself first.

One interesting thing I found yesterday was how aware I was of my life force energy. I felt completely unable to invest any energy in anything that didnt feel like it was going to move more life through me.

I had no interest in engaging with any argument, any conflict.

This experience has been one of the best things I have ever done. I think its really important for me to go through today. If I can make it to tomorrow, I feel good about breaking it on sunday. Monday I have a pretty long day at school and lots of things I need to mentally put my focus on so Im not sure that will be the most healthy loving thing I can do for my body when it really just needs to rest.

I plan on buying some organic watermelon to break the fast and grazing throughout the day to slowly reintroduce food into my system.

Thats all thats really going on today, thanks for reading!