The Death of the Old Paradigm and the Emergence of the Divine Human

When you attach your identity to the beliefs that you hold, you subtly limit your experience of the present moment. As this progresses, stagnation begins to set in. Your beliefs create the same behaviors which loop back into solidifying the same limiting beliefs. A lot of the time, life can shake the snow globe of your reality up into in order to challenge the beliefs you identify with so strongly so you can start moving forward again. This can feel like a part of you is dying.

Individual growth is not measured by how tightly you hold onto the beliefs that define your existence, it is measured by how willing you are to let whatever part of you that wants to dissolve, perish. Maybe you held on so tightly to a world and a system that really never served your highest good, but only felt familiar and safe. Maybe when something new, completely foreign, un-calculated, and wild appears, the resulting inner anxiety is nothing but the squirming of your attachment to the old belief structure that is on its way out. When a belief that we identify with is challenged, it can feel like an emotional death. It can feel like everything you thought you were and where you are going is now in limbo.

When the realization dawns that the death of the caterpillar is nothing but the emergence of the butterfly, leaving behind who you thought you were to make room for who you were always destined to become, becomes the most exhilarating ride in all of existence.

We are in a very prominent time in human history, and in order to show yourself more love, soothe yourself, and allow the smoothest transition into the new self, into the new divine human, let any part of you that is inspired to burn, burn, and as the phoenix rises from the ashes, don’t forget to recognize the monumental growth that the new you has undergone. Love yourself so much for having the courage to move through such a shocking transition.

As always, whether you are in the deepest healing crises of your lifetime, or you are riding the wave of your greatest reconciliation, you always deserve more love not less.

May you be blessed