The Trap of Assumption

When you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

Outcome is a tricky and illusive thing. There is really no model to predict outcome in any way shape or form. We saw that very clearly with the election.

Life has a way of throwing you curve balls even when you are playing hockey. Its just how things go.

So if the world is this entropic unpredictable soup of delirium, is it even worth it to plan anything? In a sense actually, it isnt worth it, but in the world we live in, its almost impossible to avoid. Its not that we get stuck in our planning, we get stuck in our rigid evaluation of how the plans should work out.

So whats the problem in this? Sure you might get dissapointed when things dont go your way, but there is something much more clever happening.

When you are acting on a certain goal or endeavor, your idea of how it is likely to turn out is actually very limiting. It confines you to the walls of your own imagination. The greatest possibilities of how whatever you are doing will play out, are way beyond the capacity of your mind to comprehend.

This isnt to say that we are dumb, its to say that any assumption or insistence on how something should unfold is actually mechanically limiting your ability to experience something beyond and even greater than your expectation.

When you loosen your grip on what you assume is going to happen, the entire world of possibilities now opens up.

Relax your expectations, anything you try to control or make sure happens is the best way to limit your experience to the 4 walls of your own mind.

As you set something into motion, just follow where the excitment takes you and let that be the leading light, not any promise you sold yourself on.