These folks deserve your votes

Every time an election rolls around, I seem to get asked to put up a post like this. I know it is late in the game, but I’m taking a swing at it again. Here’s who I am (and would be) voting for in the Ann Arbor area.

Most of you will likely vote straight ticket, so I’m putting the folks who aren’t covered by those votes first. I’m not endorsing in races with no opposition, or where I don’t want to make an endorsement.

“Non-Partisan Elections”, also known as those elections not covered by straight ticket voting, ballot proposals, where the people running and the proposals are entirely political, and where they often hide behind the moniker of “non-partisan”

  • Michigan Supreme Court (Full Term): Frank Szymanski
  • Michigan Supreme Court (Partial Term): Deborah Thomas
  • Washtenaw Community College Board: Anna Zinkel, Dilip Das
  • Ann Arbor District Library Board: Linh Song, Jamie Vander Broek, Colleen Sherman, Victoria Green
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education: Deb Mexicotte, Jeff Gaynor, Simone Lightfoot

Partisan Elections, also known as those elections covered by straight ticket voting

  • President and Vice-President of the United States: Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine
  • US Congress — District 12: Rep. Debbie Dingell
  • US Congress — District 7: Gretchen Driskell
  • State Board of Education: John Austin
  • State Board of Education: Ishmael Ahmed
  • U of M Regent: Larry Deitch
  • U of M Regent: Denise Illich
  • MSU Board of Trustees: Dianne Byrum
  • MSU Board of Trustees: Diann Woodward
  • WSU Governor: Mark Gaffney
  • WSU Governor: Yvette Anderson
  • State Representative — District 52: Donna Lasinski
  • State Representative — District 53: Yousef Rabhi
  • State Representative — District 54: No Endorsement
  • State Representative — District 55: Adam Zemke
  • Washtenaw County Sheriff: Jerry Clayton
  • Wash Co Prosecuting Attorney: Brian Mackie
  • Wash Co Board of Commissioners — District 1: Kent Martinez-Kratz
  • Wash Co Board of Commissioners — District 2: Michelle Deatrick
  • Wash Co Board of Commissioners — District 5: Ruth Ann Jamnick
  • Wash Co Board of Commissioners — District 9: No Endorsement
  • Ann Arbor City Council — Ward 5: Chuck Warpehoski

Ballot Proposals (aka The Fun Stuff)

  • Wash Co Road Funding Millage: Yes — Provides for road upkeep, and also has funding to increase bike lane mileage, and other non-motorized pedestrian improvements (i.e. good, safe ways for kids to walk or bike to school, etc.)
  • Wash Co Veteran’s Affairs Millage: Yes — This is a no-brainer.
  • Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Millage: Yes — I’ll admit, this one is more pricy than the others, but considering that getting to Ferndale or Detroit via transit, at this point, from Ann Arbor takes a minimum of 3.5 hours and multiple un-coordinated connections, a coordinated, multi-county authority would increase access for employment options, not to mention make getting to DTW and Downtown much easier from across the multi-county area (Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, Wayne). Similar to the CTA/Metra in Chicago, WMATA/Metro in Washington, DC, the MTA/Metro-North in NYC, and BART/CalTrain/MUNI in San Francisco. We need to start thinking regionally to compete, or we’ll fail parochially.
  • City of Ann Arbor Term Extension Proposal: Yes — Yes, but not for the reasons the proposers state. I think they are focused on re-aligning elections to the ones where people show up, and that’s laudable. I’m voting yes, because I think short two year terms are unproductive, across the board. You spend more time campaigning, and worrying about that than anything else. I’m probably in the minority on this one, and my gut tells me it isn’t going to pass.