The David Perry challenge

The time has come for serious change.

At the age of 23, I realised that I was missing something. I craved more from life than the activities I partook in and the company that I kept. I decided to step down from my management position in retail, go back to college and pursue something I have been passionate about since the tender age of seven: video games.

Video games as an art form have always fascinated me. Gaming, to me, was the only platform that would take all of its fellow media products, condense them all down and spit out a brand new media product with bells on. More recently, the titles that are considered the paramount of the medium have utilised every aspect well. I find that aspect of video game design very liberating and it brings forth a strong sense of togetherness within myself.

I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t getting enough out of life, and the first step to follow was coming to terms with the fact that this was because I wasn’t putting enough into my life. I wasn’t pushing myself, challenging myself, improving myself.

That’s where the David Perry challenge comes in. David Perry, the CEO of Gaikai, a cloud gaming company which later became instrumental in the implementation of many Sony technologies including Share play and Remote play, put forth a challenge to aspiring game designers. The gaming gauntlet involves a list of one hundred games which must be played and then reviewed, focusing solely on their mechanics, graphics and the emotions that these elements evoke. The objective of this is to prove that not only does the participant possess an plethora of games in many different genres to draw reference from, but that they have carefully studied them and understand what makes them tick.

I will be issuing myself a somewhat lenient deadline of two years to complete this task, with regular updates on my progress outside of this endeavour.

So this is me, an aspiring game designer, increasing his internal library to reference and broadening his horizons alongside his education…

Wish me luck!

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