Jeremy Priestley : Helping Businesses Grow

Jeremy Priestley has a knack for helping businesses achieve their goals. The Sheffield, South Yorkshire based businessman has spent his career in key roles at prominent companies. In each position he helped spur company growth. Throughout his career, Jeremy Priestley has consistently shown a talent for developing new business opportunities. He is a seasoned business executive with the ability to increase a company’s bottom line.

From the beginning of his career, Jeremy Priestley has shown a unique ability to make an immediate impact on any team he joins. This innate skill became apparent at his first accounting job. After taking only a few college courses in accounting, Jeremy Priestley left school to join a local South Yorkshire accounting firm. Within a mere two years at the firm, he became a partner. After five years, he was made a managing partner. During that time, he was responsible for helping the company grow turnover by 800%.

As he became more skillful in the areas of accounting, finance and business development, Jeremy Priestley directed his business skills to develop a number of new companies. However, at many of these businesses, he personally took the helm. The first company he built was a receivables management business, which was sold after a decade in business. Priestley also held key roles at a restructuring business, a data management company and a mortgage company. All three companies have since been sold.

Jeremy Priestley is a business executive who is driven to succeed. He takes on each new project, always keeping growth and profit in mind. When not supporting businesses in the Sheffield community, Jeremy Priestley spends his time supporting a number of local nonprofit organizations.