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Dear Medium: Enough with the “Poetry”

This is one of those dumb “open letters” to Your Friends @ Medium, so I’ll make it short and to the point.


Having control over our homepage to the extent that this control exists is lovely, but amateur poetry is SO BAD. Even worse, the way Medium presents it, you often can’t tell whether clicking on a headline will result in something worth reading (not-poetry) or yet another tooth-grindingly embarrassing attempt at “FREE VERSE” composed by some poor soul who remembers getting praised a decade ago by a glad-handing “creative writing” professor for a clever turn of phrase that will never be recreated.


Oh, sure, YOU may appreciate reading “words” cobbled into random sentences that may or may not rhyme, or getting a sneak-attack from someone devoted to a dead art form that’s the literary equivalent of scrapbooking. But I’ve had enough of getting whacked in the side of the head with dumb pseudo-haiku and trite paeans to “nature” so loaded down with cliche that just looking at them literally chips away at your soul.

I’ve clicked “Show less stories tagged ‘Poetry’” HUNDREDS of times, and the damned critters keep showing up in my feed.

All I want to do is not see poems, Your Friends @ Medium. Blocking a specific tag would go so far towards making this happen.

If somebody thinks the same of my writing, that’s totally fine, and anticipated! I’m comfortable with people who think what I write is stupid and/or trite. That’s fine. But this is a larger issue!

Medium is great, and generally does a decent job curating work based on an individual user’s interests. But think about how cool it would be to log into the platform and NOT SEE an entire tag. For me it’s #Poetry, but it could just as well be #Politics, or #Self Help, or #Fiction, or (for the love of all that is holy) #Trump.

Really, all I’m asking for is just a little more control over a product for which I now pay (and, as a “partner,” possibly generate a measly few cents in revenue for!). What do you say? Can I get rid of the damnable poetry? Please?

Your Pal,


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