In what way is biodynamic farming the opposite of AgTech?
Tim Boucher

In my experience, proponents of AgTech tend to rely on science, tech, and metrics. Biodynamics, however, is essentially a religious/spiritual approach to farming. You can’t get ‘metrics’ from using the biodynamic ‘preparations,’ because Rudoph Steiner never really satisfactorily explained how they actually work.

Biodynamics also isn’t ‘scalable.’ The formulas it depends upon use plant species only found in certain regions that aren’t always available on a mass-scale.

This isn’t to say I’m opposed to spirituality and its intersection with agriculture. I’m a huge proponent of exploring these areas! I am, it’s true, not a huge fan of biodynamics:

Then again, I suppose they do both rely upon a certain amount of ‘magical thinking.’ Maybe the BioAgTechDynamic Model will consist of armies of robots stuffing yarrow into deer intestines…

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