A position of the Society for Liminal Cartography is that in order to Remythologize the Landscape, we need to recognize that the “unseen” world is as filled with potential entities as the world of the senses. As such, investigation of the “paranormal” needs to take into consideration that all entities exist within holistic systems that can be understood as “ecologies.” In the same sense that a marine biologist cannot study fish without studying the environment in which it swims, so the Liminal Cartographer or paranormal investigator cannot study non-normative entities without understanding the environment in which they occur.

This may…

VIMNA: “Life Force”

Play on, O Tropsi; sing of the Great Achene,
the Samara descending, drifting, alighting.
A hollow she found, within stolid Acho —
a place full of life from the previous world.

When the fires of Wormwood which had destroyed the Third Space finally cooled and the Ruler of the Waters allowed the seas to subside, ACHO lifted his head above the ocean.

Pitted and scarred from the barrage of the Second Time of Unnaming, ACHO abode in silence for timeless times, preparing the way and building the foundation for the coming Space.

The Waters and Sky were one, cloudless, the…

The Quatrian Symbols Explained

Continued from Part X

On All Protections Night, a terrible entity known as The Vernow haunts the streets and pathways of the world, going from door to door, trying to gain entry. The Vernow manifests as an enormous deer skeleton, which walks upright. Quatrian legend says that The Vernow is the spirit of a deer who was cursed by Anthuor and died alone in the wild, trapped within a chasm from which it couldn’t escape. It roams the earth the night before All Sprites Day, looking for new skin to cover its bones.

Various tales provide differing reasons that Anthuor…

A collection of essays and articles for the Quatria-Curious

Please note: we are uncovering new aspects of Quatrian History, Philosophy, and Culture on a daily basis. Some of the information contained in these essays may be deprecated, and all of the content herein is subject to change without notice due to Quatria’s function as a Liminal Space.

ALL of the information contained herein should be considered canon, in spite of any apparent contradictions.

  1. The Encyclopedia of Ancient Quatria
  2. Ancient Quatria: A Very Brief Introduction The ancient Quatrians dwelt across the face of the Earth, in places that are now sunken or gone.”
  3. Quatrian Folklore — A collection of…

Updated Revision: Originally published 10/2018

What’s up, Spellcasters? Who wants to cause some magical mayhem and hit back against the Administration pigs a little more forcefully than we have been so far? Voting is gonna eventually happen, and organizing, and donating to organizations who are working to unseat these bastards, but after the shit-show that was the Mueller Report, some of us think that it’s time to add some dark magic to the mix.

The #MagicResistance is great, and I hope everybody who is into “binding Trump and those who abet him” keep it up. At this point, however, with…

Excerpted from “Cuatrian Remnants in Italic Folk-lore and Culture” by Edwin Palmer (1908)

There is, in the folk-lore of Siracusa and the surrounding regions, where echoes remain of the Cuatrian ways, a peculiar, yet efficacious, practice for those who wish to seek advice or visions from the so-called “Cusas,” or “Causes,” those strange entities so like, yet so unlike, deities or tutelary spirits. Referred to only as “li prucessu,” “the Process” or “the Method,” it is similar in some ways to the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in which the Mind’s Eye summons forth images from the greater Imagination, which are supposed to be as real as those seen during waking experience.

As Apuleius descended…

The Myth Behind the Solstice in Quatria

The Ogdoad of Hermopolis: A Reflection of the Therianthropic Monsters

(See “The Hypogeum is Open” for additional details)

According to the Teachings of Mavani and Iktion, on or around First Frost (in the Northern Climes) or the beginning of Water Season (approx. Nov. 1st in the Northern Hemisphere), eight primordial monsters with beast-like heads emerge from the Hypogeum, which opens for three days, and begin causing havoc upon the land. These demons— the Therioanthropic Monsters — are chthonic remnants of the prior world, who seek to throw the current world into eternal darkness.

The names of the monsters vary from telling to telling, but the most common names, and the…

An excerpt from the “Canticle of Barbaro”

The Quatrian cat spirits, Chabderhuff and his sister Chabderal, featured in a number of Quatrian folktales. The following excerpt (trans. Newman 1987) is the most well-known. This tale appears in the “Canticle of Barbaro,” played and sung in two part harmony by Benda and Ofend as they departed Quatria in their fishing vessel. In the midst of a squall, the sailors chanted this light-hearted tale to calm their nerves.

Then let us sing, dear Benda-yon,
That waves may not upon us fall,
Or if they do we shall abide
And be of cheer if seas are rough.

Upon the deck…

The Quatrian Symbols Explained

Continued from Part IX

Anthuor’s Antlers bearing the ten Sacred Forest Beings (hemlock, moss/lichen, holly, pine, fir, yew, oak, rowan, maple, and hawthorn). One antler bears the evergreens, the other the deciduous.

THE FOREST is the fourth of the sixteen “Experienced” Powers.

There is ample reason that the cultic Mysteries of Elum and Delrin required initiates to spend three nights and three days deep within the depths of the woods. It wasn’t because danger dwelt among the boughs; rather, the candidate for initiation was expected to form a relationship with one of the tree species — a relationship which would define and guide the future

In the Tropsinion, a cosmogonic myth consisting of oral legends collected and translated by Aslanbek Tennison in the late 19th Century, our current…

What can you do about Climate Change TODAY? (III)

You don’t need all of this junk in your “bug out bag”

Read Part II

These are notes/a place to collect info and resources, not meant as a final product.

  • Isn’t a lot of this climate breakdown preparation covered in “survivalism/prepper” literature? Yes, and no, but mostly no.
  • So-called “preppers” are amusing, but most are unclear on exactly what they’re preparing for. Religious apocalypse? Government shut-down? Civil war? LARPing? Civil war reenactment? As such, “prepper-ism” is a hodge-podge of random approaches and expensive gear.
  • The “Prepper movement” is also a billion dollar industry, whereas most of the most important ways to prepare for climate breakdown cost little to no money.
  • This also…

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