Customer Love

4 examples of supporting a growing app

Image via Engadget

Our app was new on the App Store and Google Play as a preview release. As people hit Install, reviews and feedback came in. Since most smartphone users download zero apps per month, it was critical to wow new users with helpful customer support.

1. Google Play review — ’Cause I went from negative to [more] positive

Elijah originally left us one ⭐ on Google Play. I thanked him for his support and patience, and he unexpectedly updated his rating to ⭐⭐⭐ shortly after bug fixes were released.

Negative ratings hurt rankings (read: downloads), so it was important that we were proactive about supporting our users.

As more reviews came in, it was clear that our growing community loved our app. We just needed to iron out some kinks.

2. Twitter — Negative experience, positive interactions

We encouraged people to reach out at anytime, whether just to say ‘hi’ or to report a bug.

Despite having a negative experience with the app, it was an opportunity to leave people like Malu with a friendly and helpful impression.

3. Email (UserVoice) — Got feedback? We’re listening

In this example, Will previously sent a short request to delete his account. This was common: I downloaded your app and liked it, but I’d like to delete my account.

But, why? I needed to know. I’d reply:

Sure thing! If you’d like, let us know what we can improve. Your feedback will help make our app better. Sorry to see you go.

About 50% of the time, people would respond with a short comment.

Will (a product manager according to UserVoice) shared specific UI/UX insights from a user perspective that was helpful to our team. He pointed out things that the general user may not have voiced.

Long or short, user feedback was valuable for 1) understanding how to improve our users’ experience and 2) prioritizing future fixes and features.

4. Email (UserVoice)

Last one — short and sweet.