Week 12: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so…
Amy Siskind

We all knew he was the encroachment of despotism, and the enemies of the free-world have breached our shores, without ever having stepped foot on our soil. All thanks to the indefensible and corruptible social institutions technology has created. Trump’s team, and his goons from Russia exploited these weaknesses. We have become victims of our own globalized democracy, and whether we will relearn the lessons of times’ past is uncertain. But what is for certain? With Russian oligarchs and organizations that work to undermine the unity, sovereignty and democracy, that our people have become affrailed by, our final conclusion will be this: we shall snuff out those who speak and act in ill wills against the construct of Liberalism, just as our founding father’s had all those years ago when they were establishing the Union through the ratification of our Constitution. At this unprecedented time, we see foreign organizations attempting to shape our very existence, to corrupt our very understanding of words, history, and science, by publicly supporting, funding and establishing organizations that advocate ideologically subversive narratives and efforts, those of which inject themselves into our political dialogue, intruding on even our most fundamental rights, such as the right to vote in a free election. When we are not ideologically free, free of social influence that would see to it in constructing the engines and mean for which would be used to usurp the reins of our government by a despot, when we are not free to understand the natural law that grant us those freedoms, through a solid foundational understanding of what Liberalism is, when we are not free to understand what our founding father’s wrote in the Federalist Papers, we are not free. We are not free when propaganda shapes the outcome of our elections, because we are not voting freely; we are not voting freely because we are not thinking freely, uninfluenced by the tyrants’ seed. And Donald Trump built his campaign efforts on a campaign that is as old as the Cold War, itself, and he believes in that campaign-he does not believe in the campaign of our heritage, our foundry, he does not believe in America, and he most certainly does not believe in the sovereignty of the Judiciary in which Alexander Hamilton dedicated in Federalist 78... He wants to be the first Supreme Premier of the United States… And we will all face the question of whether we are willing to fight for what we believe in, to process this not with anger, but with logic, because there is no moral equivalent to Liberty. The People’s construct, our own government, a government bound to Natural Law, yes, but not graced to exist, but exists because we created it for our own purposes, and the greatest of those purposes were to circumvent tyranny, to eliminate majority rule, to establish the precursor to any functional democracy. And the first of these battles will begin within ourselves, our determination to wield ourselves with the power which knowledge gives, a civics education on American Government, for us to get involved, because we are the only sure reliance in the survival of our Liberty. Spread our foundation, allowing it to take root once again, and man will be what it was born to be: free and independent.

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