What are the 7 Sub-genres of Romance Movies?

Jeremy Thomas
Jan 7, 2017 · 3 min read

Romance movies are the romantic love tales that are being recorded in a visual medium for broadcasting in huge cinemas. It centers on passion, affection, and emotional, romantic involvement of the major characters and the expedition that they truly strong, pure and real romantic love bring them through getting to know each other stage, courtship and then marriage.

Romantic films usually explore the important themes like; young love with older love, love at first sight, unanswered romantic love, sentimental love, obsessive love, spiritual love, platonic love, forbidden love passionate and sexual love, destructive and explosive love, sacrificial love, and a tragic love. Romantic films functions as fantasies and great escapes for viewers, particularly if two people completely overcome their troubles, declare their experience, life and love, and live happily ever after, implied by the reunion and their final kiss. In romantic TV series, the advancement of certain romantic relationships may join in over numerous episodes with unlike characters may then intertwine in diverse romantic arcs. Here the seven sub-genres for romantic films:

  1. Chick flick — is the term usually link with romance movies as many are under fire to female viewers. Although lots of romance movies may target women, this is not the defining qualities of romance movies and the chick flick does not essentially have a romance being the inner theme, revolve about a romantic participation of characters or although it contains romantic relationship. Per se, the terms can’t be applied interchangeably. An example of this is the movie, The Notebook.

2. Historical romance — It is a romantic tale with the period setting. The best sample is the movie Titanic.

3. Romantic action — are comedy films that blends with action and romantic comedy films. The well known example of this is the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

4. Romantic comedy — are films with humorous plot lines, light-hearted, midpoint on romantic principles like that real love is able to conquer most obstacles. Humor in every movie tends to be verbal, situational, or a low-key variety. Best example for this movie is the Four Weddings and a Funeral.

5. Romantic drama — generally rotates about an obstacle that prevents true deep and romantic love between two individuals. Music is usually employed to point out the emotional mood, making an atmosphere of much better insulation for a couple. The assumption of a romantic drama normally does not specify whether a concluding romantic union in between the two major characters will take place. The best sample for this is the movie Casablanca. Watch Casablanca online.

6. Romantic fantasy — describe fantasy tales using numerous elements and gathering of the romance genre like The Princess Bride.

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7. Romantic thriller — it is a genre of movie that has a story line mixing with elements of romantic movie and a thriller genre. One of the best examples is the movie The Bodyguard.

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