4 Business Ideas for IT Geeks

We are past the days of “geek” being a pejorative term. The geeks and nerds of the world have reclaimed those terms, taking ownership of them and wearing “geek” with pride. IT geeks are no exception. Computers are such an important part of everyday life, that the IT geeks now have the power to leverage their skills into valuable business ideas.

A geek who wants to start a business is surely a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for a way to branch out and start a business or franchise, own your geek skills and look into one of these four business ideas.

#1 Web Design

Nearly every business operates online in some capacity. Having a well-designed, functional website can be a huge boon to businesses in any industry. Indeed, studies suggest that companies cannot afford to have poorly designed websites: on an importance scale of one to five, having a credible looking website scored a four.

Starting a web design company can be a lucrative way to enter into the technology industry as an independent. Leveraging your computer skills to become a web developer may require additional training or certification, but these are skills that you can put to use anywhere.

#2 IT Support

Because computers are a necessary part of nearly every business, quality and affordable IT support is essential. An enterprising business person can start a company that offers technology solutions to small businesses and even individuals.

In IT, timing is key. As the owner of an IT support company you need to be able to offer your clients quick solutions that work. Most businesses depend on their computers, so complete tech solutions in a short time can make your business stand out.

If you don’t want to start your own business, there are IT franchise opportunities all over the world that give franchisees the training and resources they need to get started. An IT franchise can provide an essential service to the businesses in your community that do not wish to have full-time in house IT, but still need tech support now and then.

#3 Software Training

As we mentioned above, computers are part of nearly every business. As such, companies need ways to adequately train their employees on the software they use. An in depth knowledge of computer programs is essential to starting a software training company.

Another option for a software training company is to teach individuals different software programs to build their resumes. A generic “computer skills” is no longer sufficient on a resume, so a software training company can teach clients about specific programs like Adobe, Excel, Photoshop, and more technical programs.

The IT training industry is still growing, and projections show it will continue to grow at least through 2020. Training people on how to use technology can be a great career for someone with the skills and drive to make a business thrive.

#4 Smartphone Repair

The invention of smartphones has completely revolutionized the world. We carry expensive, palm sized computers in our pockets that do everything from banking transactions to social media to complex research.

Because we carry phones in our pockets they fall, crack, and break all the time. Have you ever had to get a phone fixed? It is incredibly expensive, sometimes costing as much as buying a new phone altogether.

Starting a smartphone repair company can bring an affordable solution to your area. Utilize your existing computer skills and learn about smartphone hardware and software to get started in an extremely relevant industry.

Starting a business in the IT field can help you leverage your skills into a solid career. The time when working at one company for your entire career is long gone, and starting an IT franchise or business can be a great way to gain security.