Beyond the Bubble: Real world performance
Ben Schwarz

Brilliant post, and it backs up with research and evidence what many of us in webperf circles have been saying for years, which is “stop assuming your users have the same internet access and experience you do.” It’s what motivated me to write a PWA that makes Akamai’s Start of the Internet data searchable: (sorry for the plug, but I feel it dovetails reasonably well into the article’s content).

So much of how we address this issue depends on our willingness to let go of developer conveniences. Estelle Weyl put it brilliantly: “Remember it’s about user experience, not developer experience. Performance matters!” We have to critically evaluate all of these tools that we use and make an effort to determine what value they add (if any) to the user experience, or if we’re simply accustomed to using them. Failure to make such evaluations can only result in a poor user experience.

Thanks for your work on this, Ben. I know I will refer to it in the coming months as I try to convince others how important performance truly is.

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