An Open Letter Of Apology To All Americans — From The Constituents Of Jason Chaffetz
Kaz Weida

Wow, who has the audacity to apologize for someone else. On behalf of humankind-I apologize for this moronic statement. You do understand that he is representing what the MAJORITY of his district voted right? 73.5% of the vote-thats about as close to a landslide as you can get in American Politics. So he is doing exactly what his constituents want him to do. There are lone nuts that want government officials to do all sorts of things. But a smart politician understands these lone nuts and tune them out as they should. If you were part of the group that attended the Town Hall-you would know the vast majority-Werent even in his district! You expect a politician to sit there for over an hour and just listen to a minority group of people who arent in his district yell at him for that time? Im surprised he was as nice as he was. Please grow up snowflake

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