When Men Want to Talk Shop
Anon XX

Hopefully without de-legitimizing this post (I’m sure this absolutely does happen to women and it’s horrible) I’d like to point out that it can go the opposite way, too.

I’ve met people on actual dating sites, showed up for what I thought was a “dinner and drinks date” only to find out that they were not interested in a romantic relationship at all. A couple times it was wanting to learn more about programming / web development and what it’s like as a career, several times wanting to learn about bicycle stuff.

It wasn’t even like they “wanted me for my mind” they were only there to pick my brain for specific data. No intention of hanging out again even as friends, just using the fact I found them attractive to hook me into meeting in person.

Sucks to be used like that, too. I don’t go out on many actual dates, even fewer where they approach me first. So it’s easy to get psyched up and excited for that meeting and it’s pretty crushing to find out there was zero interest in the first place.

Seems like most people are just jerks and should really be more honest with their intentions.

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