“Since I turned 30…”

Things change…especially as you leave your twenties

I had been at work for about three hours, and it was time to go on break. So, as routine would have it, I punched out and walked to the donut case and picked out the chocolate glazed donut with the most ludicrous amounts of glaze.

I then we wandered through the produce department toward the Starbucks.

“Good morning, handsome,” said the barista with a smile.

I smiled back politely and said good morning. Then I ordered my usual tall coffee and paid for my donut.

I picked up my coffee, and, after some small talk, I found my way toward a table to sit down and read my book and eat my breakfast.

A coworker was just finishing his break and noticed the book I was reading. He walked over and glanced down and laughed a bit and said, “Oh! I thought you were memorizing some Bible verses today!”

I laughed and we started talking a bit. He flipped through the book and then, after commenting that it looked like a lot of the same stuff he had read before, said something that really struck me.

“Ever since I turned thirty, and for like the last 15 years, I have become real susceptible to depression.”

And then it dawned on me. This was not just one man’s story. This is our shared story as men and women.

This is humanity’s story.

We build a life for ourselves and become successful, or try very hard to succeed, and then we get to some point where it just does not feel like it matters any more.

We wake up one morning and wonder what we are doing with our lives.

There is no build up. No warning. The alarm goes off to start another day and it feels pointless.

Like we have been wasting our lives.

But that does not have to be the end of the story.

For my coworker, he took it as an opportunity to look for hobbies and try new things. Not to distract himself, but rather to find meaning in his life.

To stop a habit of finding his identity in something that he was not passionate about.

That is the key.

On that morning when you wake up and feel lost and isolated and alone, view it as an opportunity.

Do not let the shadows overtake your soul.

Find that thing that sparks a fire in your core and do it.

Shine through the dark.

Burn bright.

You can overcome.

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