The struggle is real

Let no one tell you otherwise.

Some days, it feels like everything is broken.

You are tired.

Hung over.

Your car is on E and payday is tomorrow.

For some, the day becomes weeks and months. Everything hurts. And your emotions begin to collapse in on themselves.

And then you break and find a dark corner to hide in because you have simply had enough.

I have been down this road before.

I went through a divorce that left me devastated. Not because it was ugly with a lot of bickering over custody and child support payments and who got to keep the beloved Hummel collection.

There was no Hummel collection, but if there was…

Emotionally, though, it left me wrecked.

I felt damaged beyond repair.

I eventually found myself in another relationship which ended with more heartbreak and damage.

I could tell I was retreating in to myself. I was hurting in so many ways and I really was over it and tired and nothing was good and I just wanted to be alone.

I could have stayed there and wallowed in my darkness, but I did not.

I do not.

Moment by moment, I choose not to stay in that place.

And that truly is the key.

You can live in your darkness or you can live despite your darkness.

You have to, somehow, get to a place where you simply say to the evil things inside of you that are attempting to seize control that they have no power.

You have to tell the darkness to go Fuck itself.

This is not easy. I am not saying it is and never would say that. We tend to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to our personal sufferings.

But for us to love as we ought and function in a society that demands constant productivity, it is imperative that we do so.

But the struggle is real. Every moment is a battle. But it is a battle that you can win.

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