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I am sitting in my favorite coffee spot and I want to write a story today.

But I have absolutely no inspiration.

I don’t have any wisdom to impart to you or any inspiration. In fact, I am the one in need of inspiration today.

So I turn on some familiar music and just escape for a while.

And there is the wisdom and inspiration that I need.

We are masters of not allowing ourselves to break free from the things that fill our mind and bog us down. We go to bed with minds racing and we wonder why we are unable to sleep. We drink ourselves into oblivion and then wake up not remembering how we got home or how we were able to parallel park so well. But we are still depressed or broken or still thinking that we do not really matter and that no one misses us or we have that deadline to make.

We are still weighed down by the same old problems that we had a few hours before when we were still in a right frame of mind.

Maybe what we all need from time to time is just for a moment to escape from our problems. Turn our minds off. Maybe feel some nostalgia or sing along with those stupid pop songs that we are unsure how we know all of the words to.

Maybe we need to hang out with someone new and see the world through a different set of eyes to put things into proper perspective.

Maybe we need to cry our eyes out in the middle of the night.

Maybe we need to hear someone else’s story and realize how connected we all are to each other.


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