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Oxygen is a tiny thing with a huge purpose.

Whenever I go out for an evening to myself, I inevitably meet some truly interesting characters. Usually they are traveling through on business from another country or another town. The people from other countries are usually my favorite because I learn all kinds of things about other cultures and traditions. This last time, though, I met someone who gave me the most profound piece of wisdom I have heard in a long while.

We were discussing our lines of work and what we liked and disliked about them and it came time for him to return to his hotel. He commented about all the emails he had to write. Sarcastically I replied, “Sounds like you have a great evening ahead of you!”

“Yeah….no. Not really,” he said and then laughed. “But hey. I have oxygen. And that’s pretty cool.”

“I have oxygen. And that’s pretty cool.”

So often we tend to float through our lives and take so many things for granted.




I do not mean that we just assume they are always going to be there. Rather, we ignore them or do not acknowledge them. But this guy seemed to grasp how important even the little things can be.

Oxygen is a tiny thing that has a huge purpose. Without it, life on this planet could potentially be entirely different than it is.

And that is pretty cool.

And so often we do not give it a second thought.

But take a deep breath in. And really give that breath some thought. Really feel your lungs fill. Think about the fact that not only does this stuff fill your lungs, but it seeps from your lungs into your blood and fills your entire body.

And when you breathe out, feel your life flow and renew.

You have oxygen. And that really is pretty cool.

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